Game Rules

    1. Customers have the option to register with their:
      • Email Address
    2. To claim your prizes from the leagues and competitions which offer monetary and item prizes within the game, customers will be required to provide their phone number, address and confirm that they are 18 years old or older at the sign up page or  by completing this user information on their user profile page. Full and accurate user information is required to ensure timely and accurate delivery of prizes to Weekly and Season Long League winners.
    3. Upon registration, a validation email will be sent to the email address provided by the customer. 
    4. In the case of a lost or forgotten password, a secure password reset will be sent to the same email address.


    1. Upon registering and signing up to the Game, each customer will be given a draft pack of 35 random players in the form of cards.
    2. These players consist of goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and strikers.
    3. This will be the basic squad the customer can build their team from to enter into the Season Long Showcase Team or the Weekly Leagues.


    1. Customers can acquire more players to build their team from:
      • Daily Reward Pack
      • Purchase additional packs in the in-game store
    2. The Daily Reward pack can be redeemed once per day (every 24 hours) as a form of loyalty reward, and consists of 4 players 
    3. Customers may also opt to purchase additional player packs from our in-game store. The store will have 5 tiers of player packs the customer may choose from, each containing 7 player cards:
      (arranged from lowest tier to highest tier)
      • Step-over Pack
      • Panenka Pack
      • Around the World Pack
      • Rabona Pack
      • Rainbow Flick Pack
    4. Higher tiered packs will have higher probabilities of containing better players.
    5. Additional seasonal or promotional packs may also be made available for purchase throughout the season.


    1. Player cards that are available for collection are separated into 4 tiers of:
      • Squad Player Card, who is a player that is on the squad of a particular team, but is not a regular starter
      • First Team Player Card, a player who regularly starts in the first 11 of the player’s particular team
      • Star Player Card, a player who is key to the team’s performance
      • Superstar Player Card, a player who always contribute the highest and plays the most important role in leading their team to victory
    2. Along the journey of the game, customers will have a fair opportunity to collect a multitude of player cards including an array of the four tiers & duplicate cards (more than one of the same player card).
    3. A player card can only be used to join one weekly league per gameweek. If a player card is already used in one Weekly League, the same player card will not be available to be used in another Weekly League for that gameweek, unless the user has duplicate (more than one of the same) player cards in their player deck. Users who have duplicate player cards can use the duplicate player card to join another Weekly League if the user chooses to.
      This rule does not apply to the Season Long League, where a player card used in the Season Long League does not lock the player card from being used in any Weekly Leagues. Duplicate cards cannot be used in the same team for any league.
    4. For example; A user has 1x Raheem Sterling player card in their player deck. The user can use the Raheem Sterling player card to join;
      • The Season Long League
      • Wenger League (Weekly League)
    5. The user will not be allowed to join another Weekly League for the gameweek with Raheem Sterling, unless the player collects another Raheem Sterling card.
    6. For example; A user has 1x Raheem Sterling player card in their player deck. The user can use the Raheem Sterling player card to join;
      • The Season Long League
      • Wenger League (Weekly League) &
      • Dalglish League (Weekly League)
    7. The user will not be able to play both Raheem Sterling cards in the same team in the Season Long League or Weekly League.
    8. Player cards that are collected during the current season will expire after season ends. A new draft pack and daily rewards will be available in the following season to build new teams.


    1. The showcase team displayed is the team the user has entered into the Season Long League.
    2. Other information that will be available on the customer’s profile page is:
      • Username
      • Favourite Club
      • Highest Recorded League Points
      • Accumulated Scores
      • Trophy Cabinet
    3. Users can earn ingame trophies by participating, winning & setting point records in selected competitions. Earned trophies will be displayed in the user’s profile page
    4. Users will have the chance to win trophies based on their achievements. The criterias for winning trophies are as below;


      Participation Zone

      Winning Zone

      Points Zone


      Participated in your first weekly League

      Win your first weekly League

      Achieve more than 150 points in weekly league


      Participated in your first 10 weekly Leagues

      Win your first 10 weekly Leagues

      Achieve more than 180 points in weekly league


      Participated in your first 50 weekly Leagues

      Win your first 30 weekly Leagues

      Achieve more than 200 points in weekly league


      Participated in your first 100 weekly Leagues

      Win your first 50 weekly Leagues

      Achieve more than 250 points in weekly league

    5. The Game may occasionally introduce additional trophies throughout the season.
    6. Users may visit each other’s profile page, all information will be displayed to other users except for the Address, Phone Number, Email Address and Birthdate.
    7. Email address, telephone number and address is required to be accurate to ensure seamless and timely delivery of prizes to the user

    1. To participate in the paid weekly leagues, customers will have to pay an entrance fee in the form of FXCoins, with different tiered entry fees allowing entry into different tiered leagues.
    2. Customers are also allowed to join the community league which is on a free to play basis.
    3.  In the community league tournament, customers will compete against all other teams entered by other customers and stand a chance to win in-game prizes consisting of either FXCoins, Player Packs or Player Cards.
    4. In addition to the Community League, customers may pay an entrance fee to join competitive leagues to win ranking, in-game prizes, prize money and item prizes.
    5. Competitive leagues are broken down into 30 team mini leagues, where if a 30 team mini league is full, a new 30 team mini league is opened for participation.
    6. A 30 team mini league must have a minimum participation of 25 teams to qualify, otherwise the league is considered imbalanced in competitive disadvantages, whereby the customer’s entry fee in the form of FXCoins is returned for their future use.
    7. The different tiers of leagues are as below:
      • Community League (Free to play)
      • Wenger League (Entry Fee: 100 FXCoins)
      • Dalglish League (Entry Fee: 1,00 FXCoins)
    8. In-game value for the tournament entry fee are set out as below:

      Tier Cost

      Community League

      0 FXCoins

      Wenger League

      100 FXCoins

      Dalglish League

      1,000 FXCoins

    9. The Game may occasionally introduce additional seasonal, festive or promotional leagues for limited time periods.
    10. Final call for entry into the weekly leagues are 1 hour before kick off time of the game week's first match, and results are announced 4 hours after gameweek’s final match.


    1. All tournament results are based on contestants team performances, with the rules being as below:

      Fantasy League Point System

      Each player is awarded a rating of points out 10 (based on data provider performance) - these points in addition to the individual achievements listed below will determine the final point total awarded as the score

      Action Points
      For playing up to 60 minutes 1
      For playing 60 minutes or more
      (excluding stoppage time)
      For each goal scored by a goalkeeper or defender 6
      For each goal scored by a midfielder 5
      For each goal scored by a forward 4
      For each goal assist 3
      For a clean sheet by a goalkeeper or defender 4
      For a clean sheet by a midfielder 1
      For every 3 shot saves by a goalkeeper 1
      For each penalty save 5
      For each penalty miss -2
      For every 2 goals conceded by a goalkeeper or defender -1
      For each yellow card -1
      For each red card -3
      For each own goal -4
      Opta Player Rating -/10
    2. In the case of a tie between winners, the following tie breaker will be applied: 

      Earliest league participant In the case of a tie breaker, where more than one user has the same amount of points. The user with the earliest recorded time to join the league will be announced as the winner.
      • In the case of an unresolved tie breaker, the platform reserves the rights to resolve the dispute by making a fair allocation of prizes of equal or as close to equal as deemed fit based on the platform’s discretion.
      • Users can track how well their teams are doing in real time in the competitions on the leaderboard page and within the “Overview” section on the home page.
      • Additional seasonal, promotional or private leagues may also be made available for entry throughout the season.
      • Once a user enters a team to participate in a weekly league, the player cards used in that team will be locked in the particular league and will not be allowed to leave the league to ensure it will not disrupt the league system for other users. Once the gameweek is over, all player cards will be unlocked and returned to the user to be used in next gameweek’s leagues. This does not affect the participation of the Season Long League.


    1. Customers stand a chance to win in-game prizes, money prizes as well as item prizes from the leagues.
    2. Prizes for the Season Long League will be announced before the tournament starts and accepts entries.
    3. Season Long League winners will be announced at the end of the season and winners will be notified within the Game and via email. 
    4. Prizes available to be won for the weekly leagues may change from time to time, and will be displayed on the league entry tile for that week's leagues, as well as additional information within the “i” information button available on the league tile.
    5. Weekly League results will be announced 4 hours after the final match of every gameweek, whereby winning participants will be notified within the Game and via email.  Prizes will be delivered to winners within 7 days of winner’s announcements. eVoucher prizes won are subject to Terms & Conditions and Expiry Dates set forth by our Prize Partners, these prizes must be redeemed within the validity period of those eVouchers, or otherwise be considered expired and forfeited. In game prizes will be delivered to winners within the game, eVoucher prizes will be delivered via email to the user’s registered email address, and all cash prizes will be delivered via GoPayz eWallet which is attached to the user’s phone number which the user must provide in the User’s Profile. The user must ensure that the email address and phone number provided in the user profile is accurate, up to date, and accordingly linked to the user’s GoPayz eWallet to ensure smooth and timely delivery of all Prizes.


    1. Customers are also able to earn in-game items using their referral codes.
    2. A user will be rewarded with a free Panenka Pack after 5 new users use their referral code to sign up and register to the game. 
    3. If any of the 5 referred users purchases an Around the World Pack, the referring user will also receive an Around the World pack.
    4. This referral rewards program and its rewards may be changed from time to time.


    1. All transactions within the Game must be conducted using the in-game currency, FXCoins.
    2. FXCoins can be bought with real money in the in-game shop as a game item.
    3. The FXCoins are only available for use within the Game and have no real world monetary value.
    4. In-game items that are available for purchase with FXCoins are Player Packs, promotional bundles.
    5. In-game value for the player packs are as below:

      Type of Pack Cost Players Per Pack Probability of receiving a star/superstar card
      Daily Reward Pack Free 4 Players 12.55%
      Step Over 50 FXCoins 7 Players 14.29%
      Panenka 200 FXCoins 7 Players 28.57%
      Around the World 400 FXCoins 7 Players 42.86%
      Rabona 600 FXCoins 7 Players 85.71%
      Rainbow Flick 1,000 FXCoins 7 Players 100%
    6. Additional seasonal or promotional packs may also be made available for purchase throughout the season.